Refund, Return & Exchange Policy


You will have the right to replace or return purchased products within 14 days as of the date of order receipt when the following terms are met:

1 – The stock intended to be returned or replaced have a manufacturing defect that can be remedied without prejudicing products` quality or if products are created, imitated, defected or incompliant with specifications mentioned on web site or application of in the event you change your mind for any reason.

2 – Products shall be within their original cartons and package, not used and in their same condition as they were at the time of their delivery to the purchaser.

3 – Products shall be under good conditions and sellable once again (except for products in which a manufacturing defect, cheat or imitation have been found).

4 – You have the right to recover the price of the products which have been returned at the same payment price within 7 business days. in the case of KNET or cash or cash payment, we will deposit the amount in your own favour at your portfolio with` s website and application. You can use such amount within a single year of purchase from the website or application.

5- you will be charged 1 KD as return or exchange delivery fees, such in case your order is ok and you want to return or exchange it within 14 days

6- if your return or exchange request rejected from our checking team you will be charged 1.5 KDas re-delivery fees

Dear customer, you are entitled to receive full price of the returned products. Such price is not subject to any type of fees such as the charges pertaining to visa card, KNET and the like from the refunded amount.

Product return or replacement steps:-

1 – Please contact customer service centre should return or replacement terms are met and we will send our representative to receive the product from your and give you a note in support of receipt.

2 – Return and replacement request will be evaluated within 3 business days as of the product delivery date after product inspection. Therefore, we will either accept a return, replacement request or reject the request. We will also notify you, in either case, specifying a reason.

3 – Should your return request is accepted; we will refund the product value at the same payment method used in the order in the course of 7 business days. In the case of cash payment or KNET, we will deposit the relevant amount in your own portfolio at website and application. You can use the amount within a single year in purchasing from website or application.

4 – If replacement request is accepted, we will refund the amount in the same payment method used in the order in the course of 7 business days; and then we will issue you a new order for which you must pay at receipt or in advance by any of payment means secured by us.

5 – In case of rejecting the product return or replacement, we will deliver product to you again requiring you to sign, once again and you will be charged 1.5 KD as re-delivery fees, for receipt

Return or replacement request` s reasons may be as follows:

1 – If the product is not on the carton or the carton is not in its original condition, package or if it has been previously used.


2 – Should the product be not in the same condition at the time of its delivery to the purchaser e.g. if there are cracks on the carton or the product itself.


3 – If more than 14 days elapsed as of the purchaser` s receipt of the product.


4 – The serial number, in connection with the product intended to be returned or replaced, does not belong to Brandaty Trading Company.

5 – In case of electronic devices, if the following is revealed:- - Misuse which includes, for example but without limitation, shutdowns that arise from a purchaser` s ignorance of the correct method of a commodity operation or the attempt to operate the same contrary to or the manufacturer` s policy plus the shutdowns resulting from using any unauthorized accessories with the commodity. Warranty does not include breakage or product`s immersion into water.

- Any shutdown resulting from wrong installation or fixation leading to violation of the instructions set forth herein or those granted by to the purchaser at the time or purchasing the commodity.

- All shutdowns, resulting from different incidents such as thunders, Acts of God, floods, civil commotions or other reasons beyond` s control and cannot be overcome.

– Shutdowns which result from modifications to a commodity to match with international or local standards at all territories wherein commodities, not originally designed, to be operated.