Delivery Policy



Dear customer, we, at, do our best to avoid delay in delivering your order or the occurrence of any problems while experiencing marketing with us; hence, we are keen that all our policies are transparent and simple. Should you be in need of any clarification, please do not hesitate in contact us directly. Our delivery policies are indicated hereunder: 

1 – We will deliver your orders in Kuwait via a fleet of competent companies for order delivery. 

2 – When delivery is made, the driver will request you to sign the invoice duplicate or an electronic signature. Such signature is a confirmation that you have received products in full as indicated on the invoice and freight bill. If you are not present at a specific address for delivery, we will deliver the order to any person available at such address requiring him to sign electronically or on the invoice. Accordingly, the signature of any person existing at such address will be deemed as an affirmation that you received products. 

3 – The customer is not entitled to seize delivered stock and shall not deliver such purchases before their fixed price is fully settled in case of payment on delivery noting that the recipient person is the person registered with it and who has ordered purchasing products or the person representing him provided however that he submits an evidence and sign for receipt by name and Civil ID. Number. 

4 – If the customer is not available at the address specified for delivery, the driver will wait for 10 minutes. Should the customer is not present at such time; the driver will have to disposal. Hence, the customer shall be once again contacted within a single day or on the next day. Should it be impossible to contact the customer on the next day, we will attempt to contact him on the day to follow. If not, will cancel order and refund order value to the customer if he has advanced such value. 

5 – In the event that the customer service officer cannot contact the customer within 48 hours as of order date, the order will be automatically terminated. 

6 – Delivery zones: all Kuwait territories. 

 7 – Delivery charge: K.D 1 (Only One Kuwaiti Dinar). For E-payment method (credit card, Knet & PayPal).

 1.5 KD for cash on delivery.

8 – Delivery period: within 48 business hours as of the date and time pertaining to order confirmation. 

9 – Working Hours: from Saturday to Thursday: 9 AM – 6 PM.A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story.